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Having these machines always generates a great deal of attention. This occurs whether you are at an official show, a cruising night, riding down the highway or just stopping for gas!

Because we are very strong advocates of these cars being an inter-active experience, we are always around when the cars are on display. This effort, combined with good signage, makes for a more pleasurable, entertaining and educational experience. This is the sum and substance of our goals. If car owners do not take the time to share their toys with other car enthusiasts and young people, a majority of these automotive pieces of history will be unrecognizable to future generations.

As we continue to share the DeLorean Time Machine experience, this listing will probably grow in size. The goal of this list is to share some of the more memorable and humorous questions, some of which I will actually answer, that we have been asked. I am sure, as we move along, we shall add to this section!

Q. “Does this car run?"
A.  "Yes! It actually runs very well as we've installed a brand new engine with more horsepower than the original."


Q. “What color do you call this?”
A. "Actually, this is a stainless steel finish (SS304) and none of the cars were ever painted at the factory. Later, some dealers and owners,  in order to enhance the appeal did paint some of the cars. It had the opposite effect as painted DeLoreans have little appeal."  


Q. “Where is the motor?”
A. "The DeLorean is a rear engined car which was one of it's more unique features."


Q. “What does this car run on?” 
A. "I usually show people the plutonium rods and walk to the back of the car and put the cylinder in the reactor and watch the looks on their faces! After a few seconds, for effect, I pull out my Shell gas card."


Q.  “ Is this an electric car?”
A.  "See above."


Q.  “What kind of gas mileage does this get?”
A.   "Who cares?"


Q. “Does the car come with coke (cocaine)?” 
A.  "I usually walk over to the car and pull out a can of Coca Cola." 


Q. “How long did John DeLorean go to jail for?”
A.  "I always make it a point to straighten them out on this critical mistake. John Z. DeLorean was acquitted as it was clearly pointed out that federal agents had entrapped him."


Q. “Is this the car from the movie?”
A. "No, but we like to think it is one of the more 'screen accurate' examples on the road."


Q. “Is this a real DeLorean?”
A. "Yes, it was built in Northern Ireland in October of 1981 and we've owned it since 1995. In 2009, we made the major decision to do the massive conversion to what you see on these pages." 


Q.  “How did you know what parts to use for the car?”
A.   "As the car was being built we had access to over 100 “stills” from the movie and a few hundred pictures of the “A” car from the movie. The “A” car usually refers to the main or 'hero' car used most to produce a movie. These images were gathered over the years by people, like ourselves, who were infatuated by this iconic vehicle."

Q.  “Where did you get all the parts?”
A.    "We were very fortunate to seek out the services of highly qualified and talented people who had been up this highway before. Gary Weaver ( was the leader in this category."


Q.  “How much did this car cost when it was new?”
A.   "The sticker price on this exact car was $26,175.00 when it was built in Oct. 1981."


Q.  “How many time machine conversions are there out there?”
A.  "From what we understand, there are about three dozen conversions in various states of completion and accuracy in the US. We know of no others within 500 miles of ours. We are located in North Central Massachusetts."


Q.  “I’ve never even seen a DeLorean before, let alone a time machine, how many of these cars still exist?”
A.  "Believe it or not, of the approximately 9,000 that were produced or assembled, there are still around 6,000 in existence."


Q.  ”How much did it cost you to do the conversion and restoration?”
A.   "In Spanish, “mucho dinero”; in German, “das große Geld“; in Finnish, “isot rahat” and, in English, ”Big Money”."


Q.  ”Where is Mr. Fusion?”
A.   "Before the conversion I would always say 'stay tuned' I just point and watch the looks on their faces!"


Q. "Did all the DeLoreans come this way or did you have to special order it?"

A. "Hmmmm....."