In this section we will a showcase a few of the events we have attended in the past. There are so many that we could not possibly list them all so here are just a few:

August 30-September 1, 2019 Mendon Twin Drive In Retro Weekend-We have done this event for the last 5 years and this year was an epic one for sure! It featured the debut of “Sue”, our T-Rex sculpture which is an actual full size piece based off of a skeleton found in South Dakota. We also brought along the part 1 tribute DeLorean Time Machine and the Jurassic Park Explorer Tour Vehicle. We would like to thank all of the employees of the drive in and of course Dan and Dave Andelman for having us back and a big thank you to all of the attendees who stood in line to get a free pic! We look forward to next year! Here are a few pics from this years event:

Mendon Drive In 2019.jpg
Mendon Drive In 2019a.jpg
Mendon Drive In 2019b.jpg
Mendon Twin Drive in 2019.jpg

August 16-18, 2019 Fan Expo Boston-This was our first Fan Expo here in our home state and it was a great one! We had the tribute part 1 DeLorean Time Machine, Marty’s screen used 1985 Toyota 4x4, merchandise and for the first time at a comic con, a host of screen used props including Docs Brain Wave Analyzer, a Mattel Hover Board, and the tubes from the screen used “B” car. We raised a large sum of money which was donated to Team Fox and we are extremely grateful to all of those who stopped by for a picture or some merch. We look forward to attending this event again!


April 6-9, 2017 Celebration Exotic Car Festival, Celebration Florida-Wow! I cannot wait to go to this event! We will have our screen used BTTF III DeLorean on display. Joining us will be a Batmobile, KITT, Christine, a Bluesmobile, a Happy Days hot rod to go along with the Lamborghini from Cannonball Run and another from Dumb and Dumber (a personal favorite!). Celebrities attending include none other than Jay Leno along with BTTF personalities Bob Gale, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson. Also attending are Johnny Bench, Corey Feldman, Anson Williams and Donny Most. There are concerts by the front man from Cheap Trick Robin Zander as well as former Journey front man Steven Augeri. Paul Sr and Mikey Teutul will be there too. This event will also feature Ferrari of North Americas annual meet with a track day at Daytona. There is so much to see and do I dont think that 4 days is enough! To top it off, the event is held to benefit Make a Wish so wow, count us in. Hope you can make it! Here is a link to the website for the event: 

UPDATE! Wow is right! Holy smokes! I have never been to a show like this. There was some SERIOUS heavy metal to be seen. Every make and vintage of Ferrari was on hand as well a huge number of Lamborghini's, muscle cars and of course, DeLoreans! Our screen used BTTF III D was on hand with other movie and TV cars including Christine, KITT, the Bluesmobile, the Dumb and Dumber Lamborghini Diablo, the Cannonball Run Lamborghini Countach and the Happy Days hot rod. I was honored to meet a few celebs too including Paul Teutul Sr and his very funny son Mikey (of Orange County Choppers fame) as well as Hall of Famer, Cincinnati Reds catcher Johnny Bench. Now, being born and raised in Massachusetts I am naturally a huge Boston Red Sox fan so what do I say to the man who single handedly crushed our World Series dreams in 1975? Congrats, of course. He joyfully said to me that 1975 was "a great year!". I disagreed and we had a good laugh. I have added a photo of him with me and Nikki. He was seriously impressed with the DeLorean, calling it "a piece of history!". He took many photos. We were treated to a VIP dinner and show at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios. This included a concert by Cheap Trick singer Robin Zander and his son, Robin Jr. The show was awesome! Jay Leno treated us to an hour and a half of laughs which we really enjoyed too. We are extremely grateful to our hosts, Jeff, Kayla and Jim Ippoliti for inviting us and hope we can do it again. Here are a few pics from the show!

Johnny Bench with Patrick, Nikki and Doc!

Johnny Bench with Patrick, Nikki and Doc!

June 9-12, 2016-Chatham, MA at the Chatham Inn at 359 Main, we have a very special event that we will actually be bringing the Screen Used Part III DeLorean to. This is a Team Fox event which will feature fund raising dinners and a screening of BTTF. Scheduled to appear are Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Bob Gale. The schedule is posted here at their website:

We are excited to be a part of this awesome event!

UPDATE! This was one for the books for sure! We spent our time in Chatham at the 359Main Inn which is an extremely beautiful place owned by two new friends who were extremely gracious, kind and accomodating, Jeff and Kayla Ippoliti. The inn is superb in every way and we were treated like royalty. Of course, royalty was on hand with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gale and Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lloyd in attendance! Together with our friends Oliver and Terry Holler (who need no introduction) the event, which consisted of two dinners, a screening of BTTF followed by a Q & A session along with folks making donations for pictures and a ride in the Hollers DeLorean, raised almost $44,000.00 for Team Fox. WOW! It feels great to have been involved, even in the small capacity that we were, with an event of this magnitude. We brought along the screen used part III car as well as some of our screen used props. It was awesome!  

Christopher Lloyd and Bob Gale with the BTTF III DeLorean

Christopher Lloyd and Bob Gale with the BTTF III DeLorean

Patrick, Nikki, Christopher Lloyd and Bob Gale

Patrick, Nikki, Christopher Lloyd and Bob Gale

Bob Gale, Nikki, Patrick and Christopher Lloyd

Bob Gale, Nikki, Patrick and Christopher Lloyd

April 25, 2015 Tribeca Film Festival "Family Festival Street Fair"-You read this right! We have been invited to attend this huge and prestigious event happening right in Manhattan! Not only will the DeLorean Time Machine be making a visit, but also our screen used 1985 Toyota SR5 aka "Marty's Truck". We are priviledged to be a part of this massive event which attracts hundreds of thousands of film fans every single year. We will be located in zone 4, right in the middle of the event, from 10-6 on Saturday the 25th. After that, we will move down to the pavillion area where they will showing Back to the Future on the big screen. If you thought that was great, then you will be even happier to hear that our friends from the "Back in Time" documentary have promised to share a few sneak peeks at their huge new documentary which will make its debut this coming October. We are very proud to be part of this outstanding production as well. That should be awesome! So, mark your calendar and come on down to say "Hi!". It promises to be HUGE! Here is the website for the festival....

Tribeca Film Festival

Back in Time Documentary 

UPDATE: Well, the event is now over and all we can say is "WOW!!!", what an event it was! We were absolutely blown away, first of all, by the tremendous support that the fine folks of NYC showed us by donating a huge chunk of money, all of which has been submitted to Team Fox to help in the fight to cure Parkinson's Disease. Also, a big thanks to the people of the Tribeca Film Festival....Peter, Scott, Cherie, Erica, Tom et al....for your totally professional and unrelenting support in making this event such a success for us. After our "interesting" drive into the city (with two trailers and a mini van full of time machine and Toyota!) we needed all of the help we could get. These guys were tremendously helpful and we absolutely couldnt have done it without their help. Here are a few sample pics from the event for your viewing pleasure

IMG_2411 (1280x960).jpg
IMG_2374 (1280x960).jpg
IMG_2371 (1280x960).jpg
IMG_2364 (1280x960).jpg
IMG_0151 (1280x852) (1280x852).jpg

October 20-21, 2015 Jimmy Kimmel Live on Back to the Future Day

Doc and Marty JKL.JPG

The dust is finally settling and we are now able to catch our breath and let you all know about this epic journey that we just finished! It all started with a phone call from my pal Rob Grady at PJ Grady DeLorean in West Sayville, NY a month or so ago. He said that he was contacted by an individual looking for a time machine to be used on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. He then told us that Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Huey Lewis and the News were going to be on it as well, as it was going to air on Back to the Future day, October 21, 2015. Needless to say we were all in! MJF and CL in our car on a nationally televised TV show? Who needs to even give that a second thought! Arrangements were made and we were off to the Brooklyn Academy of Music where the show was being taped. We were told not to tell anyone what we were doing as this was a surprise event, at least the fact the Christopher Lloyd was going to be on. It was public knowledge that Michael J Fox was a guest but they made no mention that he would appear with Doc and be dressed up as Marty. To my knowledge, the two of them haven't been in a time machine TOGETHER since the filming of the trilogy commenced. This was the first time in 25 years, and it was in OUR car. Talk about the stuff of dreams! By now you have all seen the show and know how it went down. Our experience with everyone on the Kimmel show from Jimmy himself down to the crew members sweeping the stage was absolutely amazing. The entire group are 100%, total pros and welcomed us like we were part of the team. Anything we needed....DONE. Talk about everything from soup to nuts.....DONE. We had the ultimate BTTF experience, I can tell you that. Another reason? We were able to interact with both CL and MJF as they were sitting in our car. I actually was told to give driving instructions to Christopher Lloyd if you can imagine that? I had to tell Doc Brown how to operate a time machine that he built lol! Dad said to him "Listen Christopher, don't drive my f%#@ing car off the stage!" He laughed out loud! He was awesome and so was Michael. Absolutely the friendliest guys you can imagine. The experience of a lifetime. The evening was capped off with something else that we will never forget. I had removed the sun visors from the car in hopes that we could get them to sign and date them. What could be better than that? But it wasn't going to be that easy. Earlier on I had asked if they would mind and each said no problem. But when? They were so busy practicing their lines, reading the script (MJF left his copy in the car so we got to keep that....YES!), preparing for the show etc. Well, after the bit we went running over to the dressing room area. Christopher was inside prepping for another event and Michael was on stage doing his interview with Jimmy. I asked a staff member (Patrick Friend.....thanks!) if he wouldn't mind taking the visor inside the dressing room to have CL sign and date it for us. He said he would give it a shot. I handed him the visor and a black Sharpie and crossed my fingers. Dad was with me and we both were sweating bullets. About 5 minutes later MJF walked right by me (I said "Great job Michael!"....he replied "Thanks very much!") and headed to his dressing room. Just after that Patrick Friend came out of the dressing room, signed visor in hand. What a thrill. But me being a little nutso I decided that it was now or never. I said "Do you think Michael is unobtanium?". He took my second visor and Sharpie and said "Well lets find out!". Off he went. Anxiety setting in, big time! Dad actually left to go for a short walk. Patrick Friend came out a few minutes later and wouldn't you know it....he had the signed and dated visor in hand. I was elated! Jimmy Kimmel's son Kevin was standing next to me and we had this huge moment of excitement together. He high fived me and told me how happy he was for us! It was great. Even greater was when I caught up to Dad. He was watching the show from back stage. I walked over to him with my head hung, an obvious but fake disappointed look on my face. I had the visor in my hand, but flipped over so he couldn't see it. I told him that we missed out on MJF as he had to get to another event. He said "Well at least we tried!". That was when I sprung it on him! He was elated and we had a wonderful man hug. We noticed that people were watching and were just as happy for us as we were. It was awesome! Those two days are certainly going to be hard to top in our BTTF world! Here is a link to the video of the show:

Here are a few pics that we took plus a few we “borrowed” from the www, enjoy!

Jimmy Kimmel Live 2015 (57).JPG
JKL Selfie.JPG
Jimmy Kimmel Live 2015 (8).JPG
Jimmy Kimmel Live 2015 (40).JPG
Jimmy Kimmel Live 2015 (17).JPG
Jimmy Kimmel Live 2015 (32).JPG
Jimmy Kimmel Live 2015 (56).JPG
Jimmy Kimmel Live 2015 (13).JPG
Jimmy Kimmel Live 2015 (16).JPG