1985 Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab 4 x 4, aka Marty’s Truck

_MG_1189Final (1280x823).jpg

We are the proud owners of what has been called the most popular and well known truck in movie history, the actual screen used  1985 Toyota Sr5 Xtra Cab 4 x 4, driven by Michael J Fox as Marty McFly in Back to the Future II and III. The story is long and has been cataloged on our Facebook page at Marty McFly’s Truck Restoration (https://www.facebook.com/pg/martystruckrestoration/posts/?ref=page_internal) so check that out for a lot of great info and pics! Long story short, we were able to purchase the truck from a source in California where the truck had lived it’s entire life…well other than when the Mexican drug dealer stole it and was running drugs with it. The original owner bought it and leased it to Universal Studios for use in the two films. He then took it back and enjoyed it for another decade or so. A second owner used it as a daily driver before selling it in 2012. A young gentleman purchased it and was going to modify it and use it as an off roader but thought better of it. He sold it to the source that we purchased it from. We got it looking like this:


This picture tells the story! It is a hand written note to the owner of the truck and the signature of Michael J Fox:


With the help of our pals at Gregs Restorations in Rutland, MA (Greg Ward, owner) and of course a heaping helping of money, she now has returned to her former glory and looks like this:

Martys Truck in Front of Gregs.JPG

We still thoroughly enjoy the truck and have made many appearances with it. We will continue to do so so keep an eye on the calendar to see where we will be!

We have had the pleasure of sharing this vehicle with many people over the years we have owned it. Our friend Christopher Rutkowski, aka “the aficionauto”, spent some time here a few summers ago an did an amazing video on the truck which I am happy to share a link of here:


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