It is our intention to share our DeLoreans with as many people as possible, young and old, as the feedback has been, frankly, overwhelming. We have driven into a cruise night and looked in the rear view camera and have seen people running after us. Sometimes it’s hard for us to get out of the time machine once we’ve parked it. Don’t get us wrong, we still love it. Sometimes it’s even more difficult to leave an event and we’ve had to run over a few spectators on occasion…Just kidding!!

Therefore, we shall continue to drive and trailer the vehicle to car shows and cruise nights in the New England area. The car is totally road worthy. We have come close to causing a number of accidents when other cars pull up alongside to take pictures and videos. It’s not so bad when it’s the passengers who are hanging out the window to get a close up. It’s a bit more challenging when it’s the driver trying to take the pictures while texting his buddies and yakking on his cell phone.

Part of our motivation for putting in the time and effort was to make the time machine available for appearances at any type of event where it could serve as an attraction. I would honestly say that 99% of people over eight years old, who see the car,  immediately recognize it. I have been astounded by the number of people who told me they have sat down and watched the trilogy dozens of times. Untold numbers have said they have seen the movies 100’s of times and we’ve had many say they have worn out copies of the movie because they have seen it so many times. People immediately begin to quote lines from the movie and go into their Doc Brown impressions…it’s really a lot of fun to participate in all of this.

Therefore, we are willing to bring the time machine to an event and have the car on display. We are also prepared to proactively participate in the event by being present to answer questions, demonstrate some of the incredible features of this “screen accurate” impression and explain some of the eye popping accessories such as:


  • Programmable time circuits just like the movie.

  • Digital speedometer on the dashboard.

  • Original alarm clock on the dash just like in the movie.

  • Main Time Circuit switch functions just like in the film, with sound effects.

  • All interior indicators and switches light up, just like in the film.

  • Remote door opener.

  • Totally accurate plutonium box..a real eye catcher!

  • Plutonium canisters and rods which can be loaded into the “reactor” on the rear of car, just like in the film.

  • Exterior flux band lighting that will blow you away.

  • Marty McFly mannequin incredibly accurate right down to his “Calvin’s”

  • Let’s not forget Doc Brown…we’ve got him covered too!

  • We are also prepared to convert the vehicle to the “Mr. Fusion” version.


Over the winter of 2012-13 we acquired a VW bus to enhance our display! It needed some work (it is 40 years old!) so we made it into a fun project and we think you will agree that it was worth it. This is now available for appearances with the Time Machine and if you think just that was cool, wait til you see the two of them together! We even have the Libyans for full effect. 

There’s more but we also like to offer an additional element of surprise. We indicated throughout this website that our goals were to have fun and promote worthy causes. We donate 100% of any profits derived from appearances to either the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research http://www.michaeljfox.org/  or various Veteran’s organizations. We are motivated to do this by our close friendship with Major Dick Winters from the HBO series “Band of Brothers” who passed away in January 2011. This American hero was a close friend. I saw the impact Parkinson’s disease had on him and it had a profound effect on me.  If you would like to make a donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, please CLICK HERE!

If you would like to receive a quote from us regarding bringing our vehicle and the accessories to your event, please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, along with the above, we will be present to insure the experience will be impressive, informative, educational and entertaining.

Here is our contact information:


Bill Shea

51 Morgan Rd

Hubbardston, MA 01452-1602




Patrick Shea



We can all join you for your event!

We can all join you for your event!